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CHEETAH - Tanning Bed Lamps & Tanning Bulbs

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Made by Light Sources, this is the ultimate in mega UVB! This tanning lamp is not for new tanners or those seeking a standard replacement. This lamp is designed for a 10 minute tanning sessions, where the tan is not as dark or as deep, but builds very FAST base tans. This lamp is also good for people who have a VERY difficult time stimulating melanin.

This is NOT the proper tanning lamp if you are looking for a 20 minute general purpose lamp. If you want a very intense 10 minute style tanning lamp as a replacement it would be difficult to find a better lamp or value.

"IMPORTANT! In the unlikely event should the tanning lamp shipment be damaged, please accept the order and indicate the damage when signing. Immediately call us and we will ship replacements that same day. If you refuse the damaged shipment it is the UPS policy that we receive the damaged shipment back at our warehouse before the replacements can be shipped."

Rated for 1000 hours of use, 25% more than our standard lamps.

Availability: Usually ships the next business day.

Cheetah 9.5 10 Minute 100W

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