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Power Save:


The Power-Save 3400 & Power-Save 3200
Reduce the Amount of Inductive Load in Commercial and Industrial Environments

The Many Benefits of the Power-Save 3400 & Power-Save 3200 Include: 

--> Lowers electric bills up to 25%
--> Reduces electricity required by inductive loads (motors)! 
--> Enhances capacity of existing electrical system!
--> Eliminates harmful power surges!
--> Protects appliances and sensitive electronic equipment! 
--> Reduces harmful effects caused by electrical noise! 
--> Power Factor Optimization!

Power-Save 1200™ Featured on Baltimore Radio!

Maryland has been one of the hardest hit areas in the nation with regard to electricity rate increases. Two of Baltimore's premier radio stations recently featured Bob Kleebauer to discuss how the Power-Save 1200 is helping thousands of Americans save money on their electric bills.

The Power-Save™ is a small gray box that fits neatly next to your breaker panel, saves you money year after year and protects the entire home. 

The Power-Save™ was designed with the homeowner & business owner in mind, providing lower energy bills, increased motor and appliance life, for all of the equipment inside of your home or business. 
Residential customers throughout North America could see a realized savings of 8% - 10% typically and as much as 25% on their electrical usage (and thus power bills). The Power-Save™ is UL Certified as the Cat. No. ABET 2201 and CSA certified.

Money isn't all that you are saving when you use Power-Save Energy Corp. products. It's an energy-wise purchasing decision with many positive environmental implications

Power Suppliers also benefit by being able to supply power to more customers without the generation or acquisition of additional power.

Power-Save 1200™ Frequently Asked Questions:

How Does the Power-Save Unit Work?
The Power-Save reduces the amount of power drawn from the utility by storing (in its capacitors) otherwise lost electricity (watts) caused by the inductive motors in your home. (Some examples of inductive motors are Air Conditioning units, refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, dishwashers, pool pumps, vacuum cleaners, furnace blower motors, fans etc.) The technology applied by the Power-Save 1200™ Unit supplies that stored electricity back to your inductive loads, thus causing you to decrease your demand from the utility. If you decrease your demand from the utility, your meter slows down, and you use less electricity. The thought is, you’ve already paid for that electricity, why pay for it and waste it when you can pay for it, store it, and reuse it again. This whole process is called power factor optimization.

What is Power Factor? 
Power factor is the percentage of electricity that’s delivered to your house and used effectively, compared to what is wasted. For example, a 1.0 power factor means that all the electricity that’s being delivered to your home is being used effectively for its purpose. However, most homes in America today have a .77 power factor or less. This means that 77% of the electricity that is coming thru your meter at your home or business is being used effectively; the other 23% is being wasted by your inductive load. With a low power factor, the utility has to deliver more electricity to do the same work. However, the Power-Save unit increases that power factor in most cases to .97 or .98, thus increasing the effective use of your electricity and lowering your usage.

Does the Power-Save 1200™ work in any home?
Yes it does, as long as you have a circuit breaker panel with breaker switches and not the old screw in type fuses, the unit will work on any single-phase electric application for homes. If you say "yes" to only two or more of the following then you could be saving a significant amount of money on your electric bill right now!

Is your home over 2500 Square feet?
Is your central air conditioner / heat pump unit 3 years or older?
Is your forced air furnace 3 years or older?
Do you have a pool? 
Do you have a well? 
Do you use an air conditioner? 
Is your refrigerator / freezer not Energy Star rated? 
Do you have more than one refrigerator / freezer? 
Is your washer / dryer not Energy Star rated? 
Do you have a hot tub or a Jacuzzi? 
Is your dishwasher not Energy Star rated? 
Do you have a number of appliances in your home? 

Do you have a 3-phase Power-Save for commercial and industrial applications?

Will the Power-Save affect any of my appliances and their normal use?
No, if anything, your motors will run about 10% cooler, which is good for a motor because heat is the enemy of a motor.

How much can I expect to save per month by using the Power-Save?
That depends on many factors. The size of your home, the amount of inductive motor load, and the amount you are paying per kilowatt-hour for electricity etc. However, generally speaking users of the product have seen up to 25% in reduced consumption, but the average savings is somewhere in the 15% to 20% range.

How long will it take for the Power-Save to pay for itself?
Generally about 6-12 months, but again, the same factors above apply, some will see sooner (6 months), some will see later (12 months).

Is the Power-Save easy to install? 
We recommend installation by an electrician. The unit comes with complete installation instructions. It installs in about 20-30 minutes.

How long will the Power-Save last?
It has a predicted lifespan of up to 20 years.

Why haven’t I heard of these products until now?
That’s easy; two words “cost effectiveness”. Up until recently, electric rates throughout America were cheap, costing us 2, 3 or 4 cents per kilowatt-hour. Now, electric rates are 8, 10, 12, 14, and 19 and in some cases New York City is 22 cents per Kwh, and Hawaii is 33.5 cents per Kwh. At the cheaper rates the Power-Save didn’t make sense, but at the current rates, it makes all the sense in the world.

What About Power-Save for Surge Protection?
The Power-Save also protects the entire home against power surges. No longer a need for so many surge protectors in the home. The Power-Save 1200 provides a broad range of protection for hardwired appliances and most home electronics such as televisions, satellite equipment, entertainment systems, etc. The unit protects from power line surges as well as spikes caused by internal wiring problems, loose connections and fluctuating demand from large motors such as appliances, vacuum cleaners, heating and cooling equipment, etc.

Is the Power-Save 1200™ Unit Warranted?
Is there a “Money Back Guarantee”?

Yes, 5 year Manufacturers Warranty for full replacement.

Yes, 60-day money back guarantee. If in 60 days, you don’t see reduction in usage on your electric bill, call us and let us know, and we’ll give you details on how to return the unit for a full refund of the purchase price. Installation cost will not be refunded.

The following is an important statement made by Baltimore Gas & Electric on their website concerning Power Factor:

”Power factor measures how effectively your operation uses electrical power. Poor power factor means your facility is using and paying for more electricity than it needs while doing the same amount of work. The net result is higher demand charges on your electric bill and overtaxing your internal wires and transformers.”

You can’t afford not to install a Power–Save today!

The Power-Save 1200 - $299.95
The Power-Save 3200 - $650.00
The Power-Save 3400 - $850.00

Power-Save 3400 Shows Incredible Results in Commercial Application!

"I have a Power-Save 3400 commercial / industrial unit installed in my 28,000 square foot, 4-story office building. The building is home to a number of different professional offices including attorneys, engineers and the United States military. I am seeing an average savings of at least 28% per month and I am very happy with the product. Extremely happy actually. As an example, prior to the installation of the Power-Save , my April 2006 electric bill was just over $2700.00. I just received my April 2007 bill in the amount of $1780.00. The product will literally pay for itself in only a few months." 

- Mo Sandiq, Owner of Northwest Investment Properties LLC, Woodland, California

Power-Save 1200 & Power-Save 3400 Installed at Chevron Service Stations.

energy saver

The Power-Save 3400 and Power-Save 1200 have been installed at a number of Chevron gas stations in the Central Coast California area. Chris Frye at Alternative Energy Inc. handled the installation for Valley Pacific Petroleum, the gas stations' owner. 
Prior to the Power-Save installation, the service stations were spending in excess of $3000 per month powering the car wash, coolers, compressors, pumps, fans, signage, lighting and more. 


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