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How do I go about ordering replacement cylinders?

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How do I go about ordering replacement cylinders?
  • Have the make, model, and year of your tanning unit ready.

  • Write down any and all numbers that are on your existing cylinders. Please write them down exactly. These numbers are very important to the ordering process, because they usually tell the type of cylinder end, the type of gas, the length, and the strength. Generally, the most important number is the number that ends with the letter "N".

  • In some cases, the label may be worn beyond legibility, or completely missing. Sometimes you can take the cylinder off of the bed and hold it up to the light to see any engravings that may be on the part.

  • If you have no information at all off of the cylinder, you will then be require to measure the cylinder. With the cylinder completely extended (at its longest), take a measurement from end to end. Then, take a separate measurement of the barrel (the thick part of the cylinder). These measurements paired with the bed information should help us locate correct replacement cylinders.

  • If all else fails, it may be required that you send us your cylinder for in house determination of a replacement.

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