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Tanning Bed Acrylics

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Tanning Bed Acrylics By Phoenix Sun

Over 250 Makes Including Custom and Hard-To-Find Acrylics!

Phoenix Sun Tanning offers one of the largest selections of tanning bed acrylics in the industry. We make every effort to ship acrylic orders the same day!

To Order:
  1. Find a paper, pen and flexible tape measure.
  2. Write down the manufacturer, make/style, model number, year and number of bulbs in your bed.
  3. Brief description of your bed's features, i.e., number of facial lamps, taping pattern, etc.
  4. Accurate acrylic measurements. 


IMPORTANT: Since the measurement you give identifies accurately your replacement shield, it is very important to give us as TRUE a measurement as possible. The only way to measure is by using a metal tape measure (cloth or vinyl measurement tools can stretch causing inaccurate measurements!).

  • First, Take the acrylic completely out of the unit.
  • With a METAL tape measure, measure the width around the back side of the acrylic (the side closest to the lamps). Be exact. Do not round up or down. We prefer that you get within 1/16".
  • Measure the length in the same manner.
  • In some cases, you will need to measure the width of any special taping. For instance, some acrylics have gray or white tape at the head and foot of the acrylic to disguise lamp holders or other inner workings of the tanning unit. This is especially true for the canopy acrylics of units with facial tanners. Make any notations concerning the specifics of the taping pattern.
  • If your acrylic has any type of special notches or holes, please notate the specific location of these features.

Any other method of measuring may cause you to receive an ill-fitting acrylic.

  1. Type of acrylic to be replaced: curved, molded, V-bend, 2 bend, 3 bend, or 4 bend (see image below).
  2. Which of the two are you replacing bench (bottom) or canopy (top).

Bend Types:

Acrylic Bend Types





For more information on purchasing replacement acrylics please see our Acrylic FAQ's.



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